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The red sweater vest which lay upon the floor beside his bed was all Theodore needed to know what awaited him underneath the sheets  of his bed. As he freed himself as rapidly as possible from his clothing, his yellow eyes remained focused on the head of white which poked out from underneath his covers.

He began approaching when all that remained on him was his unbuttoned shirt and pants who’s belt had joined Akihiko’s pile of clothing, button undone to reveal just the slightest hint of the dark blue boxers which sat underneath. A quick flick of his wrist against the edge of the covers revealed this his partner for the evening was much more prepared for their nightly activities, every inch of clothing having already been removed and instead cast aside to the floor. A fact which Theodore’s eyes took in slowly and carefully.

"Must you always be so¬†impatient? You know I prefer stripping you myself." The velvet attendant spoke playfully as he slid in to join his partner, the sheets raising and wrapping around him as his body crawled it’s way on top of the other male’s. Pressing himself down into his lover’s grasp, he ground his hips into his company’s, a sadistic smirk crawling over his features.

"For being so eager I guess I don’t have to warm you up tonight, then? This is fine by me. I’m perfectly happy in diving into the main course."

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"I do hope you find your stay ... enjoyable. I'll be your attendant for anything
you might need."

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